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The VHS team is equipped to meet all of your technology needs; whether you want to upgrade your home network and add a few cameras or deploy a full blown top to bottom Smart Home solution, we have you covered.  We can support upgrading your current home as well as comprehensive technology design for new construction or large scale renovation projects.

The below bullet-points highlight some of our core services but be sure to follow us on Instagram and our blog to learn more about what we're doing to support our client's needs.

Home Network/Wifi Upgrade: A properly configured router and wifi system is the bedrock of your smart home. Increase the reliability and security of your home network with a VHS installed network

Security Cameras: Adding cameras to your home is a great investment in security and peace of mind. Every house is different but with the help of the experts at VHS we can craft a solution that fits your unique needs.

Smart Lighting: Smart lighting is a great way to manage energy costs, increase security, and take advantage of fun easy-to-use light customizations.

Audio/Visual: Ready to cut the cord? VHS can help you optimize your home's audio/visual experience. Whether you want to host the best Super Bowl parties or challenge the Wehrenberg's, we got you.

Not Sure??? No idea where to begin? Let us be your smart home sherpas and guide you based on our experience with clients of all budgets. We promise to make the process fun and easy!

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