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"While we can absolutely do any custom home technology solution you can dream up, we've narrowed down our services to what we would consider the perfect launch point with our packages below."

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We designed the Foundation Package as a way to introduce you and your family to Smart Home technology. We feel the combination of products below, when properly integrated, give you a taste of what is possible. Why do we call it a Foundation Package? Because like any home, a Smart Home is only as good as it's foundation. This gives you a great starting point to build from with unlimited possibilities.

Package Includes: 

Qolsys IQ4 Panel + 4 Door Contact Sensors + 1 Leak Sensor OR Temperature Sensor

IQ_Panel_4_in_Home 910-Solar.jpg
IQ Panel 4-Lifestyle-Lock-UI.png

We believe the basis of your Smart Home should be a single point of contact dashboard that serves as the control center for other systems in your house. With the IQ4 panel you can lock and unlock doors, control your home's lighting, view your cameras, control your thermostats, stream music, and arm/disarm your security system. With the included leak sensor your ensure leaks are captured before severe damage is caused or with the temperature sensor you can ensure the INSIDE of your freezer is holding the proper temperature.

IQ4 Panel & Sensors

Installation, Configuration & Training

Monthly Cost*




*The IQ4 Panel & Sensors are not only a Smart Home dashboard, the system also functions as a 24/7 home security system. The monthly fee includes professional monitoring. 


Our PLUS package provides everything that is included in the foundation package, and we begin to roll in additional technologies and functionality. Rather that just being a home health monitor and security system, you gain the capability of having a camera on the house or smart lock functionality. Have peace of mind being able to view key areas of importance of your home, or gain the benefit of locking/unlocking your door(s) from anywhere in the world.


Smart Lock or Camera


$109 Per Device


*No additional monthly fee for the Foundation Plus Plan - still only $40 per month

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