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VHS Business Solutions is the easy button for Saint Louis business owners who are looking to strengthen their technology infrastructure. We provide a niche set of services focused on the design, procurement, testing and staging, installation and ongoing management of your business technology needs. We take pride in our timely communication, enriching solutions and flawless execution while providing minimal impact to the businesses we partner with. VHS Business Solutions is ready to dovetail into your current IT partner ecosystem or help you move from square one onward.

ISP Selection and Network Configuration

For most businesses these days, the internet connectivity and reliability is one of their most important assets for serving their customers. When it isn't functioning properly, it can cause chaos for you and your employees. VHS can not only install and upgrade your current system, but we can also connect you with the right internet service provider to best fit your needs and budget.

Security & Access Control

If your business is looking for ways to upgrade building security or is hoping to move on from a troublesome key entry system, access control systems offer a robust solution. Access control provides simple management that is flexible and scaleable, enable you to provide the right access to the right people and to the right areas of your facility, at any time.

Digital Signage & Menu Boards

Whether you're a coffee shop who wants an easy way to update your menus frequently, or you have a screen that displays the names and welcomes your clients to your office, VHS can offer the right digital signage solution for your business. Our attention to detail and expert installation will ensure a solution that gives you the ease to keep things current and updated within your business.

Commercial Lighting & Automation

Proper lighting in your business can have a massive impact on employee and customer satisfaction when entering and spending time in your space. VHS can provide the support and direction you need to ensure that your lighting looks great and elevates your environment. Plus, our solutions give you the ability to control them remotely or set them to a schedule. Time to dim the lights to set the proper Happy Hour vibe.

Structured Cabling (Ethernet/Fiber/Copper)

VHS Business Solutions is licensed and insured to provide all types of low voltage IT cabling needs. Our team has over 40 years of cabling experience between them in various roles including enterprise level data centers, govt/military installations and SMB. From ethernet cabling for Wi-Fi access points or cameras, to speaker wires, or fiber optic, we've got you covered.

AV Solutions

We can provide the support you need to mount TVs in all your conference rooms or fully kit out your new sports bar with 50 screens so your guests never miss a moment of the game. Our audiophile team will also ensure the music sounds great at conversation volume or cranked up until the neighbors complain. We have the right solutions for all of your indoor or outdoor AV needs.

Security Cameras

One of the best ways to protect your business is with security cameras. We have solutions to meet the smallest of needs as well as the know-how to support industries with the most stringent requirements. Our customized security camera solutions are focused on giving our clients access to their system from any mobile, tablet or laptop device 24/365.

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